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Based in Slough, Wokingham and Windsor, Empire Physiotherapy offer an expert service you can rely on – supporting you in your journey through injury, aches and pains, or simply an active lifestyle; employing hands-on treatment plans and alternative therapy methods

The word physiotherapy is defined as the treatment of disease, injury or deformity by physical methods, rather than drugs or surgery. This alone gives you an insight into what it means to be a physiotherapist, as well as just how wide our net is thrown. While many massage techniques can be practiced safely at home, some of the treatments and techniques used can be complex and are always best performed by a Chartered Physiotherapist.

Initial Consultation

A Physiotherapy assessment is something which may be recommended to you, or which you may choose to opt for yourself; often in response to a continuous injury or ailment, sports injury or chronic pain. The initial assessment typically involves a physical examination followed by a conversation around diagnosis and advice. You will be expected to provide a detailed history of the complaint, involving as much detail as possible, to ensure that your Physiotherapist is able to prescribe the right advice and tailored treatment plan.

Follow-Up Session

Following your initial assessment and diagnosis, it may be necessary to return to the Physiotherapist for a series of treatments sessions; often ranging from massage treatments to personalised exercise programmes, Electrotherapy or more holistic methods. Your Physiotherapist may try a couple of different approaches in order to determine which works best with your body and lifestyle, with some treatments allowing for an at-home recovery plan.

Remote Consultation

Occasionally, due to maxed out training programmes, busy lifestyles, or even debilitating conditions or injuries, it is not possible to attend a physical appointment with your physiotherapist. But that does not have to mean you can’t receive the advice and treatment you need. Now available for remote consultations, our Physiotherapy experts have dedicating specific time slots for those patients and clients who feel unable to attend a face-to-face session; conducting a first-hand interview over a secure video app/telephone.


As a dedicated team of physiotherapists, the most common use of acupuncture in our own line of work is for musculoskeletal conditions and pain management. One of the most successful uses of acupuncture is as a response to chronic pain in the neck and back, either caused by sports injuries or other lifestyle choices such as prolonged sitting as part of an office job.

Sports massage

In Physiotherapy, sports massage is often employed not just as a means of rehabilitation but also of maintenance and general well-being. Using deep strokes to manipulate the muscles and tissues in our body, sports massage is a hands-on treatment which helps to eliminate waste products and improve the quality of blood supply to our tissues; improving performance and muscle function, and expanding the range of motion round the joints. Sports Massage can help with a variety of pains and ailments, including sporting injury and more common back or neck problems caused by 9-5 desk working in particular.

Shockwave Therapy

By stimulating damaged tissues with short and intense sound waves, blood flow is increased, and the body’s natural repair and regeneration process is given the boost it needs to help your body to heal naturally – faster. As such, radial pressure shockwave therapy is heralded not only for its delivery of effective results, but also the way it delivers those results quickly and with far fewer complications that surgery and invasive treatment methods.

Other Services


Pilates has long been a popular workout in the Western world, as it engages the whole body in a series of movements and stretches that use numerous muscle groups and improve core stability. As a Physiotherapy tool, Pilates benefits sporting individuals and those seeking rehabilitation through exercise, as the various moves increase body awareness, reduce pain and anxiety, increase endurance, and build on the body’s flexibility. By strengthening the core in particular, those who engage in regular Pilates will find that everyday tasks become easier, and that long-term back and neck pain is lessened.

Back Rehabilitation Class

Exercise is widely regarded as the most effective treatment for those suffering from lower back pain, by loosening the body and enabling a confidence that makes returning to daily activity a more achievable and less daunting goal. These types of rehabilitation class work to relieve the pain in both the short and long-term, including exercises and stretches that target tight problematic muscles around your lower back and hips, often caused by poor posture or sitting at a desk all day. The classes typically tackle the underlying issues causing pain and allow you to re-train your body to move in a safer and more natural way.


As well as being an excellent cardio workout, boxercise is growing in popularity with Physiotherapists, due to its suitability for clients of all ages, weights and fitness levels – encouraging them to engage their whole body in a workout that improves both core strength and muscle strength, as well as speed, agility and body composition. By keeping both the body and mind stimulated and focussed, boxercise is a beneficial treatment for both physical and mental wellbeing.

Bespoke Orthotics

Every individual has unique features and traits, and our feet are no different. Often, we find that the more general orthotics made for the mass market don’t suit an individuals’ needs, and that is why we are proud to offer bespoke orthotics. A made-to-measure service that offers that little bit extra, our orthotics specialist will meet with you to determine exactly what is required, before generating your custom insole to combat the issues you are facing. Bespoke orthotics can be designed to work in any shoe, to correct any issue; tackling your posture from the feet up.

Basic DSE Assessment

Our basic package offers the DSE assessment to every member of your team – a legal requirement ever since the Health and Safety Regulations act of 1992, with follow-up from our expert physiotherapists with regards to advice and exercises. Our in-house DSE Assessment is available for companies and individuals alike, whether you engage our services for an office of 100 or for your own personal work space in your home. No matter where you work from, you may be at risk of DSE related issues, and we urge everyone to undergo the assessment whether they are worried about their environment or not.  

Premium DSE Assessment

Our premium package walks you through the process as a whole, providing advice and treatment relating to any issues or problems that may arise. As a committed team of expert physiotherapist’s, we understand the consequences of a poor work space and the effects this can have across all areas of an individual’s life, and so with the premium package we put emphasis on not only the assessment itself but also treatment of any pre-existing Musculoskeletal problems that may be causing your team problems at work and in their home life. 

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