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With the average human spending around half of their life on their feet, it is no wonder that our feet often feel tired and sore. We believe your feet deserve better, and that is why we are offering full length comfort insoles for all shoe sizes; providing your feet with the support they need to function fully and comfortably. Using a revolutionary smart material, the molecules built into the insoles absorb the shock associated with your foot hitting the ground, reducing pain in the legs and lessening the risk of injury.

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We treat a wide range of conditions and get long lasting results.

More about comfort insoles

Not only that, but full-length comfort insoles can be inserted into any shoe, with the flexible base material allowing for a full range of movement whether it be walking, running or even dancing. Yes, the comfort insoles really do work in almost all shoe types, ensuring that your favourite activities aren’t ever cut short by painful feet.

The comfort insoles we are offering have been tested by everyone from scientific professionals to the British Army; from active individuals to those just out of surgery. The responses collected across the board were wholly positive, and there is even a belief that the comfort insoles help to heal plantar fasciitis – a foot and heel pain that more than 10% of the general population will experience at some stage in their life.

Why bespoke orthotics?

Every individual has unique features and traits, and our feet are no different. Often, we find that the more general orthotics made for the mass market don’t suit an individuals’ needs, and that is why we are proud to offer bespoke orthotics. A made-to-measure service that offers that little bit extra, our orthotics specialist will meet with you to determine exactly what is required, before generating your custom insole to combat the issues you are facing. Bespoke orthotics can be designed to work in any shoe, to correct any issue; tackling your posture from the feet up.

Performance insoles

Whether you’re a runner, high jumper or contact sport athlete, high performance starts with a solid and supported base. It is easy to take for granted how often we engage our feet in high street activities, which can put a strain on the joints as well as the arch and heel of the foot.
The contouring incorporated into the full-length performance insole keeps the heel and top of the foot stable and secure, with a cushioned material that envelops the natural shape of the foot. The inner dome supports the arch under the big toe, absorbing the shock that reverberates in the foot upon contact with the ground; particularly if the contact is relentless for example when running.

With a vast array of high-ticket endorsers including Usain Bolt, the performance insoles have been designed with athletes in mind, providing natural support to prevent injury and absorb excess shock, thus protecting both the foot and other lower limbs. The performance insoles also provide a 26% energy return for improved performance, according to tests performed by SATRA (the globally recognised research centre in the footwear industry).

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