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Cervicogenic headaches summary

Cervicogenic Headaches are often the cause behind problems in the upper neck, distinguished by a constant dull ache across the skull.

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What are cervicogenic headaches?
Cervicogenic Headaches are often the cause behind problems in the upper neck, distinguished by a constant dull ache across the skull.
What are the symptoms of cervicogenic headaches?

There are no exact tests that determine whether a headache is a migraine, tension headache, or caused by cervicogenic factors.

The symptoms vary but often include a persistent ache starting at the base of the skull either on one or both sides. A stiff neck and restricted movement are other symptoms, accompanying pain behind the eyes and decreased concentration as indicators of a cervicogenic headache.

How long will my symptoms last?

This varies between individuals, ranging from a matter of days to a number of weeks – depending on the severity and how well you respond to treatment.

What is the cause cervicogenic headaches?

These particularly headaches are generally the result of an activity that places strain on the upper neck, either during a trauma or prolonged poor posture. Stress can also increase tension around the body, including the neck and shoulders. It can often be impossible to determine an exact cause as it could be a range of factors.

What is the treatment for cervicogenic headaches?

Treatment is dependent on the cause and severity of the injury. A clinician will be keen to restore full movement to the neck through exercise, heat treatment and manual techniques. Pain management will also help ease the symptoms, and the clinician will advise you lower your stress levels as part of the treatment.

If the pain becomes severe or your experience new symptoms after some time has passed, you must seek further assistance.

Why is it important for me to do prescribed exercises?

A full range of motion is important in keeping joints moving and muscles well trained – without this freedom of movement we would experience increased pain and stiffness. It is important you perform the exercises correctly and frequently in order to restore full range of movement in the neck, relieving you of the headaches.

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