We are proud to announce that Empire Physiotherapy is up and running in its new location at the Slough Ice Arena; providing patients in Slough and the surrounding areas with expert physiotherapy, consultations and tailored treatment plans at competitive prices.

At Empire Physiotherapy, our diverse team have long been committed to delivering excellent treatment to patients across Wokingham and Windsor. We believe in enhancing your physical wellbeing from the inside out, and are dedicated to working individually with every client we meet to identify the cause of any issues; ensuring we create the best recovery programme for you.

Working with individuals, local businesses and larger workplaces based around each of our clinics, we have developed our own programme of DSE assessments, as well as a range of Occupational Health Physiotherapy workshops specifically for Companies.

So why Slough?
Well, believe it or not, Slough is actually home to the second highest concentration of global company headquarters in the UK, after London. Not only that, but the excellent transport links into London make Slough a hub of activity both for commuters and families, and the 42 outdoor parks open to the public create some excellent green space on which to promote sports and outdoor activities.

Recognising this, our mission is simple – to keep injury off the sports field and out of the workplace, by ensuring that every client we come into contact with has the best physical and wellbeing support at work and at home.

With staff welfare policies at the forefront of many company’s internal developments, the programme we offer comes with two options; allowing each staff member their own consultation – either by phone or in person – with regular follow-ups and treatment plans available as required.

Other services we provide include Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy, Medical Acupuncture, Bespoke Orthotics, Deep tissue massage, and treatments targeted at a range of sporting injuries. All four of our experts have experience not only in treating various sporting issues but also in training themselves, providing a unique insight into each treatment from the perspective of the sportsman as well as the physio. Our sports massage services are available in the clinic and we are pleased to be able to offer 25% off of all online bookings for new customers in the Slough area.

Over the coming weeks and months, we will be sharing tips, busting myths and promoting best practice training and physiotherapy to help you avoid injuries and issues now and in the future – as well as inviting you to enjoy promotions and deals for our treatments and packages.

But for now, one final fun fact about Slough for our dedicated readers – Slough was the first stop on The Beatles first ever tour back in 1963.