An Exclusive Sports & Fitness Optimisation Session for ‘Everyone Active’ members.

Kickstart your treatment today

At Empire Physiotherapy in The Centre we’re doing something awesome to help all of our neighbours. If you are a member of ‘Everyone Active’, we are giving away vouchers for a comprehensive Sports Physiotherapy and Fitness Optimisation session (this includes your first treatment) for only £29.99! (Normally £100)
You will receive all of these:

Postural Analysis (injury assessment) 

Physio Assessment

Soft Tissue Treatment

Discussion of Findings

 Treatment Plan

All for ONLY £29.99

If you’re ready to take control and improve your performance in the gym then click the link below to book your Sports & Fitness Optimisation Session.

About Sports Physio

We treat a wide variety of sports injuries from recent acute injury through to rehabilitation back to full fitness. Our skilled clinicians not only treat the injury but through correction of movement and muscle balance they can tailor an exercise programme for you to prevent further injury and improve your sporting technique.

Our treatment will be aimed at getting you back to your sport with minimum “downtime”. During your assessment we will look at how you move doing your particular sport to analyse any faulty movement patterns which may be contributing or aggravating your problem so that this can be remedied as well as treating the actual injury.

Should I see a physiotherapist?

This is a question we get asked regularly. After starting a new gym routine, class or going out running for the first time, it’s common to experience some aches and pains. This is perfectly normal, as we are putting our body’s muscles, tendons and joints under a new and different load.

Usually these symptoms will last only a few days, you can often exercise through them and you don’t need any physiotherapy. Our best advice is if you have a pain or symptom that doesn’t resolve within a week or so, seek physiotherapy at a sports injury clinic. At Empire Physiotherapy we provide physiotherapy on a daily basis for sports injuries, but what does a physiotherapist do to help? Initially your physio will discuss the nature and mechanism of your injury, as this will give us a greater understanding of the underlying problem.

We will then carry out an objective assessment, carrying some specialist tests to confirm a diagnosis for you. After this there are numerous sports injuries treatments that we can use. This may be some hands-on manual therapy, or soft-tissue release, and we will always advise you on the best exercises to do at home or in the gym.

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