Everything you need to know about deep tissue massage.

There are lots of questions, rules and examples of massage etiquette that go unspoken every day… well, we say enough! Since offering our deep tissue massage across Windsor, we have come across many clients with questions ranging from the pain levels to exactly what they will be expected to wear and what the consequences will be the next day. This article is designed to put your mind at rest ahead of your massage, so that whether it’s your first time or your tenth time, you know exactly what to expect.
First things first, what actually is a deep tissue massage, and how does it differ from a regular massage in the local spa?
There are of course links between different styles of massage – after all, every type involves at least some form of pressurised strokes on various areas of the body to relax the muscles. The difference in deep tissue massage is that the strokes are performed under a much larger pressure, in an effort to reach the deeper layers of muscle and tissue, and can result in some stiffness or soreness for a day or so after the massage. That being said, the general attire is the same as with any massage – loose-fitting clothes are encouraged both before and after your massage to promote comfort, with the most likely option being that you will be given a towel to wear during the treatment. Don’t worry, this is simply to ensure an effective treatment and to keep your clothing safe from any massage oils used.
Generally performed by a trained physiotherapist rather than a more generic masseuse, deep tissue massage is often recommended as a response to chronic aches or pain; focussing on certain areas of the body rather than promoting overall relaxation. Our deep tissue massage therapists in Windsor are specially trained to deal with aches resulting from sporting injury or more long-term issues, and can tailor treatment according to your problem areas and previous experiences.
So, now you know what a deep tissue massage is. But, when should you be opting for a deep tissue massage over a more conventional massage in your local spa?
Knowing which type of massage your body needs can be a challenge, particularly if you regularly engage in physical activity and are unsure whether a certain pain is a long-term issue or just a niggle. Deep tissue massage is recommended when you are looking for a certain goal to be achieved, for example the relief of long-term pain, the rehabilitation of an injury, or the release of muscle tension around the body. There are a number of warnings that are provided alongside a deep tissue massage booking, so it is always worth noting that the therapist needs to be aware of any pregnancy, heart or respiratory problems, issues with your points, skin allergies or recent surgery. If you’re simply looking to enjoy the relaxation and release of tension that a standard massage can provide, opting for a monthly maintenance massage is probably a better option.
Top Tip! Book yourself into a sauna after your massage. Not only will this further enhance any relaxation benefits you obtained from the massage, but it will also warm your muscles – boosting the effectiveness of the deep tissue treatment.
Finally, where is the best place to go to get a deep tissue massage?
As previously discussed, often the most effective deep tissue massages will be performed by trained physiotherapists or very experienced massage therapists. This is primarily due to the high pressure required for the treatment to be effective, as well as the location and successful manipulation of trigger points in the body. In short, the more experienced your therapist, the better.
Here at Empire Physiotherapy our commitment to clients is that all our treatments and packages are performed to the highest standard, with the highest levels of care, and affordable prices. Opening to great success at two locations in the UK, our team deliver deep tissue massage in Windsor, Wokingham and Slough – so get in touch today if you want to discuss treatment or if you have any further questions.