Initial Assessment

Initial Physiotherapy Consultation £79

Your initial  consultation will typically last around 1Hour consisting of 30minutes assessment and 30minutes treatment session. The consultation involves assessment, diagnosis, advice and treatment.

  • A detailed history of present complaint and a medical history will be taken, followed by physical examination of the body part involved. After a precise diagnosis your physiotherapist will explain your diagnosis and go through treatment options based on latest research.
  • Your physiotherapist will then commence with a hands on approach treatment, give you advice on how to best manage your condition and most likely a prescribe a home exercise programme to support recovery.
  • If physiotherapy is not the right treatment option for your condition or if further investigation is required e.g MRI, your physiotherapist will arrange onward referral where necessary.

*Please note that you may be required to undress in order to give your physiotherapist access to the area being treated and sometimes surrounding areas. Therefore we highly recommend that you wear or bring suitable clothing.

ENQUIRIES: 07856 363 491

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