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Slough Reopening

Empire Physiotherapy is open for business on 12th April   To all our friends in and around the Slough area, In light of the most recent lifting of restrictions, we are pleased to announce that we will be opening our doors...

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Is physiotherapy only for when I am injured?

It’s a question we get asked time and time again, and one which is unlikely to ever disappear completely. With physiotherapy services so intrinsically linked with the NHS and hospital services, it can seem as though what we do is only really applicable for those in...

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How to keep fit and active throughout Lockdown Round 2

The Coronavirus pandemic has caught up with us once again, and across the UK people of all ages and fitness levels are finding themselves limited in the activities we can do. For those who regularly engage in team sports or go to the gym, this is a real blow – but...

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Our Guide To Winter Workouts

Our guide to winter workouts   With the challenges of 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic set to continue well into the winter months, getting ourselves out and about has never been more important – both for our physical health and for our mental wellbeing. With that...

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Empire Physiotherapy re-open Slough-based clinic

Empire Physiotherapy re-open Slough-based clinic As we continue to respond to government guidelines and ongoing advice, our main priority is still on the health and safety of our clients and colleagues. In response to the increasing demand for physiotherapy services...

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Wokingham Clinic Reopening Update

Wokingham Clinic Reopening Update In line with the latest government and health service recommendations, Empire Physiotherapy are delighted to be reopening the doors to our Wokingham Clinic on the 8th of June 2020, to provide appointments for only those in urgent...

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COVID-19: Fact or Fiction?

COVID-19: Fact or Fiction? We are all facing a situation that none of us could have ever predicted; a pandemic with more global force than anything this generation has experienced before, and with no cure as of yet – although we are receiving regular updates that...

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24th March COVID-19 Clinic Update

24th March Clinic Update To all clients, colleagues and friends, Following the most recent updates from the Government, and the state of lockdown that the United Kingdom has been put in while we fight back against COVID-19, Empire Physiotherapy will now be closing the...

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Best Physiotherapy Treatments and Techniques

Best Physiotherapy Treatments and Techniques We’ll start this post with an important reminder – while many massage techniques can be practiced safely at home, some of the treatments and techniques mentioned can be complex and are always best performed by a trained...

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Medical Issues that can be easily cured by Acupuncture

Medical Issues that can be easily cured by Acupuncture Acupuncture is a treatment that has interested doctors and medical professionals alike for a number of years. Derived from ancient Chinese medicine and consisting of fine needles being expertly inserted through...

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