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Everything you need to know about deep tissue massage.

Everything you need to know about deep tissue massage. There are lots of questions, rules and examples of massage etiquette that go unspoken every day… well, we say enough! Since offering our deep tissue massage across Windsor, we have come across many clients with...

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What Are Benefits of Sports/Deep Tissue Massage Therapy?

What Are Benefits of Sports/Deep Tissue Massage Therapy? If you’re wondering whether or not you need a sports massage, and you’re based in Slough or Wokingham, then look no further. Empire Physiotherapy is here not only to provide the treatment you need, but also to...

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Empire Physiotherapy Opens its Doors in Slough

We are proud to announce that Empire Physiotherapy is up and running in its new location at the Slough Ice Arena; providing patients in Slough and the surrounding areas with expert physiotherapy, consultations and tailored treatment plans at competitive prices. At...

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Launch Of Our New Clinic In Slough

At Empire Physiotherapy, we know that your time is important and that meeting appointment times can be challenging. With work, personal plans, and the added commitment of keeping fit, getting to and from all the areas of your life can be overwhelming. That is why we...

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“Real-World” Massage for Chronic Low Back Pain

Posted by deeptissue9 in real bodyworks on April 10 2017 Lower back pain is no unknown culprit – many have found themselves battling this common condition. Yet, while most recover from this pain quickly, some are left with lower back pain for extended periods of time....

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Seven Benefits of Massage

Posted by real bodyworks on January 12 2017. Massage, good for the body, mind and soul… With experts quoting up to ninety percent of disease having links to stress, it is important to minimise this wherever possible. Massage has therapeutic benefits as well as a...

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