Client Care Lead

Jude Galloway is an accomplished Physiotherapy Receptionist at Empire Physiotherapy. With a background in medical administration and a passion for providing exceptional customer service, Jude plays a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth functioning of our reception area.

As a Medical Secretary at Victoria House Hospital, Jude gained valuable experience in managing documentation and providing crucial support to consultants. Her attention to detail and organizational skills make her a reliable asset in handling appointments and ensuring patients receive timely care. With her dedication to delivering prompt and courteous service, Jude embodies the essence of patient-centric care.

She adeptly handles patient queries, schedules appointments efficiently, and ensures a welcoming atmosphere at our front desk. Jude’s background in healthcare administration and her ability to handle various responsibilities with ease have proven instrumental in maintaining a well-organized reception area at Empire Physiotherapy.

Her commitment to delivering outstanding customer care reflects the values we uphold as a healthcare service provider. With a warm and friendly demeanor, Jude is always ready to assist patients and create a positive experience during their visits. Her contributions play a significant role in ensuring a seamless patient journey and contribute to the overall success of Empire Physiotherapy.

Beyond her professional achievements, Jude enjoys staying active and engaging in activities that promote physical and mental well-being. Her passion for helping others and dedication to delivering exceptional customer service make her an invaluable member of our physiotherapy team.