The Coronavirus pandemic has caught up with us once again, and across the UK people of all ages and fitness levels are finding themselves limited in the activities we can do. For those who regularly engage in team sports or go to the gym, this is a real blow – but we’re here to tell you that lockdown doesn’t have to mean that your exercise and fitness routine stops.

With the colder weather coming in, it can be very easy to look out the window and be put off by the darker evenings and colder winds which signal the impending Winter – yes, Winter IS coming.

This article is for all of those who are dedicated and committed to keeping fit and active throughout and beyond lockdown – providing tips and tricks to getting your body moving both safely and effectively, no matter what the weather is doing.

Get it done in the morning

This is a tip we regularly share with our clients, and is one which can really make a difference to your entire day. How many times do you pledge to go to the gym or workout in the evening, only to spend the entire filling your mind with reasons not to bother? Getting up and active first thing not only gets you exercise out of the way, but it sets you up for the day and really does instil that energy that will help you be more productive and will also help you make healthier choices.

If you invest in one thing – make it a resistance band

During the last lockdown, reports showed that at-home gym and sports equipment sold out almost as quickly as toilet roll. This time around, steer clear of the weights and simply rely on bodyweight as your main piece of equipment – with a little support from a resistance band which can add that extra level of difficulty to at-home moves and can provide a little extra to support toning and strength building.

This blog from Women’s Health lists the top workouts you can do with a resistance band – follow them and see how you go!

Get outside for a walk if you can

It might be too cold and wet to run or engage in a full workout outside, but that shouldn’t stop you from wrapping up warm for a walk every day – even if it’s just for half an hour. Fresh air and getting out and about in nature is not only good for our bodies but is also good for our minds, and will help keep you feeling fresh and energetic… ready to tackle your next workout!

Research and find exercises which will support your usual activity

One of the most overlooked training exercises for running is weight-lifting and strength training. Likewise, football players often overlook the power and value of building core strength, and tennis players often neglect upper body work to focus instead on moving their feet quickly. What this proves is that there are a whole range of exercises and training plans you can follow independently which will serve to improve your performance once normal sport resumes – so use the lockdown and impending winter as a chance to strengthen your game in time for next season.

Ask us if you’re not sure what to do

Nobody really knows when lockdown will end or when life will get back to some form of normal. What we do know is that as an organisation, we have spent the last few months putting time into creating tailored plans to support many of our clients with all manner of different aches and pains – and we’re happy to share them with you too. For more targeted support, get in touch