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Acupuncture can be used to treat a wide range of common health problems and to reduce pain. At Empire Physiotherapy we combine acupuncture with other physiotherapy treatments such as exercise and manual therapy.

Please note that we only use evidence based acupuncture as part of our follow-up physiotherapy treatments. We are regulated by Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapy (AACP) and more information regarding physiotherapy and acupuncture can be found on 

Our medical acupuncture therapists, based in Slough and Wokingham are on hand to help you.

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At Empire Physiotherapy, we take pride in offering unique Acupuncture treatments tailored to individual needs. Our skilled practitioners blend traditional acupuncture techniques with contemporary physiotherapy insights to foster a holistic healing environment. This innovative approach not only addresses the symptoms but also targets the root cause of discomfort, promoting long lasting relief and enhanced well-being.

A medical referral is not required and we can quickly and easily schedule an initial consultation for you.

Complementary treatments, including clinical massage therapy, shockwave therapy and physiotherapy.

Acupuncture and Physiotherapy

At Empire Physiotherapy, our commitment is to provide a multidisciplinary approach tailored to meet individual health and wellness goals. Merging Medical Acupuncture with Physiotherapy techniques opens a gateway to holistic healing and enhanced physical functionality. Our skilled physio trained acupuncturists can create personalised treatment plans. This integrated approach not only accelerates the healing process but also equips individuals with the tools to maintain improved physical health long-term. Experience the blend of Acupuncture and Physiotherapy at Empire Physiotherapy, and embark on a journey toward balanced wellness and improved outcomes.

Condition Led Acupuncture Therapies

Back Pain

Shoulder Pain

Wrist & Hand Pain

Hip Pain

Neck Pain

Elbow Pain

Lower Back Pain

Knee Pain


What is medical acupuncture?
  • Acupuncture involves the insertion of very fine stainless steel needles in the skin.
  • It works by stimulating the body to produce its own pain and stress-relieving chemicals, (endorphins and exytocin).
  • It may also promote sleep and encourage a sense of well being by stimulating melatonin and release of serotonin.
  • Acupuncture also stimulates nerve fibres to block out pain signals  and help to reduce the sensitivity of tender points in the body.
  • A typical acupuncture session last between 15-30minutes
Does acupuncture hurt?

Acupuncture works by stimulating special Acupressure points that are all part of an interconnected network that spans across your entire body. This stimulation helps restore the flow of energy (Qi) and blood through your body, and this helps your body absorb nutrients and remove toxins. Keeping your Meridian System clear helps you keep your body functioning properly, and a functioning body is a healthier body.

Does acupuncture have side effects?

Acupuncture do not create side effects; it is safe, natural and effective.

Who will carry out my acupuncture therapy?

Our highly qualified and expertly trained acupuncture therapists will carry out your conultation, acupuncture therapy sessions and any following treatment plan. You will always see the same therapist.

Is there any pain or discomfort involved?

Most patients report that there is very little discomfort and that they were much more comfortable following the sports massage therapy treatment than they anticipated.

What locations do you provide acupuncture therapy from?

We currently have clinics in Slough and Wokingham.