Sports Massage

1Hr Introductory Sports Therapy Assessment + Massage Treatment £35 (50% Off)

Sports Massage

An integral part of treatment at our clinics is Sports Massage, whether it be for rehabilitation, maintenance or general well-being. Our team of Physiotherapists and Sports Therapists are highly skilled practitioners who have experience in working with different patients of all ages and sporting levels. Sports massage can help you, whether you’re recovering from sporting injuries, or 9-5 office worker suffering from problems such as neck pain, lower back pain and stress induced headaches.

How Does It Help


In Physiotherapy, sports massage is often employed not just as a means of rehabilitation but also of maintenance and general well-being. Using deep strokes to manipulate the muscles and tissues in our body, sports massage is a hands-on treatment which helps to eliminate waste products and improve the quality of blood supply to our tissues; improving performance and muscle function, and expanding the range of motion round the joints. Sports Massage can help with a variety of pains and ailments, including sporting injury and more common back or neck problems caused by 9-5 desk working in particular.

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