Physio for Personal Injury Lawyers and Solicitors

Leading physiotherapy partners with Personal Injury Lawyers, Solicitors and Case Workers

Private physio service for personal injury lawyers and solicitors in Berkshire

If you’re a Personal Injury Lawyer or Solicitor, we can help you, help your clients because we understand pain and we feel yours.

You’ve done all the legal work excellently, progressed the case, obtained compensation, the client has been for treatment but they’re still repeatedly contacting you as they are still in pain.

Specialising in complicated cases, we’re able to help when a client has already tried everything – we go one step further with our COPA therapy, new methodology, and combined treatment of Shockwave Therapy, Soft Tissue Treatment, Physiotherapy & Acupuncture techniques that is unique in targeting even the most complex cases of pain.

By partnering with us, personal injury lawyers can enhance their legal services with expert physiotherapy care. Our specialised expertise, customised treatment plans, timely intervention, comprehensive rehabilitation services, objective documentation, and medico-legal expertise are invaluable resources to support your clients’ claims. Together, we can optimise the recovery process, improve case outcomes, and ensure the best possible care for your clients. Contact us today to explore how our physiotherapy services can complement your personal injury practice.

Why Empire Physiotherapy are the perfect partners for Personal Injury Lawyers and Solicitors

As physiotherapist collaborating with personal injury lawyers, we understand the importance of accurate and objective documentation. We provide detailed reports outlining our assessments, treatment plans, progress updates, and any potential barriers to recovery. This documentation can be invaluable in strengthening your clients’ claims, facilitating communication with insurers and other medical professionals, and ultimately achieving favorable legal outcomes.

With our extensive experience in the field of personal injury, we possess a solid understanding of the medico-legal landscape. We are adept at producing clear and concise medico-legal reports that provide an accurate assessment of your clients’ injuries, functional limitations, and prognosis. Our collaboration ensures that the medical aspects of your cases are well-supported and professionally communicated.


Specialised Personal Injury Expertise


Customised Treatment Plans


Timely Intervention


Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services


Objective Documentation and Reporting


Medico-Legal Expertise

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