Reablement at Home Services

Reablement and Independence Services across Berkshire and Buckinghamshire

Local Authority or NHS?

Physio-Led Reablement Services at Home

Physiotherapy-led re-ablement is about providing gentle yet thorough practical and emotional support to assist patients on their path to recovery, nurturing resilience, and fostering independence within the comfort of their own homes. This involves a variety of activities, such as facilitating smooth transitions in mobility, like moving in and out of bed or navigating between bed, chair, and toilet, always taking care to use the appropriate assistive equipment. Additionally, our physiotherapists and occupational health therapists tend to essential self-care aspects, including washing, bathing, denture and oral hygiene, and providing thoughtful care for hands, feet, and skin. The overarching aim is to guide individuals through tailored physiotherapeutic interventions, empowering them to carry out daily activities with enhanced autonomy.

Offering exceptional levels of care and effective reablement-at-home

Most of the people referred to Empire Physiotherapy for reablement by our partners, consultants and other professionals are elderly, frail and unable to travel for treatment. We have been serving patients across Berkshire and Buckinghamshire since 2015.

Our Reablement Services

At Empire Physiotherapy, we offer access to a wide range of expert therapists who are very experienced in offering reablement at home services. Our reablement care focusses on:


A person’s strengths to promote and maximise independence and wellbeing


Supporting people to regain or retain skills to enable them to manage with minimal or no support


Providing short-term and intensive; typically provided for up to six weeks


Preventing re-admission to hospital or premature move to a care home


Helping to reduce the amount of care the person needs from carers and family


Building confidence after a spell of illness, deterioration in health, an injury, a hospital admission or an acquired disability

Local Reablement Care

Empire Physiotherapy is fully equipped and well-experienced in providing reablement at-home services. From careful care planning to efficient logistics, our dedicated team ensures a seamless and supportive process for individuals seeking rehabilitation in the comfort of their homes. With a focus on personalised care and a commitment to enhancing independence.

Reablement Partnerships with Local Authorities and the NHS

Empire Physiotherapy is a clinician-led team that has been providing rablement at home services to private clients since 2015. With our growing capacity and experience we are looking to form partnerships with with hospitals, ICBs, consultants, local authorities, community providers and GPs to provide a much needed pathway to improve patient outcomes in reablement care.


Reduce waiting lists for community physiotherapy services


Avoid patients being admitted to hospital because they couldn’t access timely physiotherapy support needed to enable them to stay in their own home


Therapy-led support is offered through experienced and caring physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and rehabilitation support workers


We are the sole provider of care with a significant treatment capacity


A cost-effective and value-driven partnership


Objective Documentation and Reporting

Our trained and qualified therapists, reablement support workers and healthcare assistants will visit people in their own homes according to an agreed schedule. During the visit, our team will carry out the agreed reablement interventions, and report against KPIs and outcome measures.  

Where appropriate we can provide access to mobility aids, assistive technology, and digital solutions to support rehabilitation and reablement in the place that patients call home.

We are building on an existing partnership with the NHS

Empire Physiotherapy have years of experience partnering with NHS Trusts, we understand the intricate processes, regulations, and unique challenges. We have successfully worked alongside NHS Trusts to streamline patient care, reduce waiting times and improving patient outcomes.

Reablement FAQs

How is the care plan developed, and is it adaptable to individual needs?

The development of the reablement care plan is a collaborative effort involving our skilled reablement care team, the individual under care, and, when applicable, their family or support network. Initially, a thorough assessment is conducted to comprehend the individual’s strengths, challenges, and personal goals. Based on this assessment, a bespoke care plan is devised, outlining specific interventions, goals, and the anticipated duration of reablement care.

Our approach is highly flexible to cater to individual needs, recognising that each person has unique requirements and preferences. The care plan is not static; it undergoes regular reviews and adjustments to reflect the individual’s progress and changing needs. Flexibility is a fundamental principle in our reablement care services, ensuring that as individuals regain their independence, the support they receive evolves accordingly. This adaptability allows us to provide personalised and responsive care that maximises the potential for a successful and empowering reablement experience.

What impact does reablement have for patients?

Reablement can have positive outcomes for patients, leading to enhanced well-being and increased independence. This patient-centered approach not only facilitates a swifter and more effective recovery but also contributes to improved outcomes for the NHS and local authorities. By focusing on an individual’s strengths and promoting self-sufficiency, reablement can reduce the long-term reliance on health and social care services.

As patients regain independence, the strain on ongoing health and social care resources is alleviated. This aligns with the broader goals of the NHS and local authorities, promoting a healthier, more self-reliant population while optimising the allocation of healthcare resources. Ultimately, reablement not only benefits individual patients but also contributes to more effective and economically sustainable healthcare systems.

How long does reablement care typically last, and is it extendable if needed?

The duration of reablement care provided by Empire Physiotherapy varies depending on individual needs and progress, as outlined in the NHS and local authorities’ care plans. Typically, reablement care is provided for a short-term period, often ranging from a few weeks to a few months. This time frame allows individuals to regain independence and develop the necessary skills to manage their daily activities effectively.

The flexibility of reablement care services is a key feature, and it can be extended if deemed necessary based on the ongoing assessment of the individual’s progress and requirements. Extensions may be granted in collaboration with healthcare professionals, the NHS, and local authorities, ensuring that the care provided aligns with the evolving needs of the individual. The goal is to offer a responsive and adaptive approach to support, promoting sustained independence and well-being in the long term.

How is the progress of an individual monitored and evaluated during reablement care?

Progress during reablement care provided by Empire Physiotherapy is systematically monitored through ongoing assessments and reviews, aligning with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) outlined in the care plan. The process involves initial comprehensive assessments, regular reviews at intervals specified in the care plan, and collaborative outcome measurements. Open communication and feedback loops between the individual, care team, and healthcare professionals, including those from the NHS and local authorities, ensure prompt adjustments to the care plan. This continuous evaluation, guided by KPIs, aims to track achievements, address evolving needs, and maintain a responsive and adaptable approach to support the individual’s progress.

Can reablement care be tailored to specific cultural or language preferences?

Absolutely, reablement care can be tailored to specific cultural or language preferences. In areas like Berkshire and Buckinghamshire, which are ethnically diverse, our reablement care services are designed to be culturally sensitive and inclusive. Our dedicated team strives to understand and respect individual cultural backgrounds and preferences, incorporating them into the care plan.

We recognise the importance of effective communication and cultural competence in providing quality care. Language preferences, dietary considerations, and cultural practices are taken into account to ensure that the care provided is respectful and aligned with the individual’s values. This approach enhances the overall experience of reablement care, fostering a supportive and understanding environment that promotes successful rehabilitation within the diverse communities we serve.

How does this service collaborate with local authorities and the NHS to ensure effective care delivery?

Our service collaborates closely with local authorities and the NHS to ensure effective care delivery through a coordinated and integrated approach. This collaboration involves:

Care Planning and Assessment: We work in tandem with local authorities and NHS professionals to conduct thorough assessments and develop comprehensive care plans. This ensures that the care provided aligns with broader healthcare goals and individual needs.

Regular Communication: Open and regular communication channels are maintained with local authorities and NHS teams. This includes sharing updates on individual progress, addressing any emerging concerns, and ensuring that the care plan remains responsive to evolving needs.

Adherence to Guidelines: Our service adheres to guidelines and standards set by local authorities and the NHS, ensuring that our reablement care meets the required quality and safety benchmarks.

Collaborative Reviews: Scheduled reviews involve input from healthcare professionals, local authorities, and our care team. These reviews help assess the effectiveness of interventions, make necessary adjustments, and ensure that the care plan remains in line with the evolving needs of the individual.

Data Sharing: Information relevant to the individual’s care, within the bounds of privacy regulations, is shared with local authorities and the NHS. This facilitates a holistic understanding of the individual’s health status and aids in making informed decisions about ongoing care.

Training and Coordination: Our team undergoes training to align with the practices and protocols of local authorities and the NHS. This ensures seamless coordination and adherence to healthcare standards

What areas do you currently serve for reablement care services?

Our reablement care services currently cover a broad range of areas, with a focus on providing support in Berkshire and Buckinghamshire. We extend our services to all major towns and cities in these regions, including but not limited to Slough, Windsor, Maidenhead, Reading, Bracknell, Wokingham, Amersham, and surrounding areas. Our commitment to delivering high-quality and inclusive care extends across diverse communities in these regions, ensuring that individuals in various locations can benefit from our tailored reablement services.