Ridhi Rohit (CSP, HCPC registered)


Introducing Ridhi Rohit, a dedicated and passionate physiotherapist who recently joined our team at Empire Physiotherapy. With a strong belief in the connection between long-term health concerns and physical challenges, Ridhi is committed to involving patients and clients in their own treatment for optimal effectiveness and a high success rate.

Ridhi began her career in India, where she received her training and held her first two physiotherapy roles. In August 2022, she had the privilege of being part of the dedicated team attending to the physiotherapy needs of the Scottish team in the European Touch Rugby Championship. In this role, Ridhi excelled in injury assessment, treatment, and recovery, both in long-term rehabilitation and on-the-spot pitch-side fixes. Her ability to respond quickly and make effective decisions in high-pressure situations showcased her skills and dedication.

Ridhi specialises in soft tissue treatment, rehabilitation planning, sports massage, taping, and strapping. These areas of expertise allow her to work closely with clients, developing tailored approaches to physiotherapy that seamlessly integrate into their lifestyle. By focusing on open communication and collaboration, Ridhi aims to create a gold standard practice for patient management and interaction within the Empire team.

With a passion for her profession and a desire to make a positive impact, Ridhi is excited to immerse herself in the Empire Physiotherapy team. She is eager to contribute her skills and knowledge to provide the highest quality care to our patients. Ridhi’s dedication to personalised treatment and her emphasis on patient involvement will ensure that clients receive the best possible outcomes.

We are thrilled to have Ridhi as part of our team at Empire Physiotherapy. Her enthusiasm, expertise, and commitment to patient-centred care make her a valuable asset. Book an appointment with Ridhi today and experience her dedication to helping you achieve your physical health goals through effective and personalised physiotherapy treatment.