Shockwave Therapy

Radial Pressure Shockwave Therapy

Our latest service revolves around a concept which was born in the 1970’s for treatment of kidney stones and has subsequently been developed into a recognised treatment for Physiotherapy, Sports Medicine, Podiatry and Orthopaedics.

By stimulating damaged tissues with short and intense sound waves, blood flow is increased, and the body’s natural repair and regeneration process is given the boost it needs to help your body to heal naturally – faster. As such, radial pressure shockwave therapy is heralded not only for its delivery of effective results, but also the way it delivers those results quickly and with far fewer complications that surgery and invasive treatment methods.

Two types of shockwave therapy

If you decide or your physiotherapist decide that shockwave therapy could benefit you, you will hear about two different types of therapy available:

Focussed Shockwaves – this is the treatment used for deep and chronic pain, where a specific target area is the cause of the pain.  

Radial Shockwaves – this is a broader treatment which covers a larger surface area.

How does radial pressure shockwave therapy benefit sports injuries?

This treatment is approved and used regularly by large sporting associations including UK Athletics, the Welsh Rugby Union, and all major Premier League Football Clubs.

This is because many injuries have been found to be effectively managed through shockwave therapy, with the treatment providing a non-invasive alternative which requires no medication or pain killers, no anaesthesia, and a treatment time of around 20 minutes.

In most cases, clients and patients feel relief in the damaged area immediately after treatment, with shockwave therapy proven to:

·       Fight and reduce inflammation

·       Enhance and stimulate the natural healing process

·       Eliminate / reduce pain

·       Helps you reach that pain-free goal more quickly and easily

We believe that your body is more than capable of healing itself – we are simply here to help speed the process up, for the sake of you and your active lifestyle. 



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