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Our therapists are trained in sports, remedial and deep tissue massage, so no matter what you need, we’ve got you covered. During your first session your therapist will talk to you about the reason for your visit, they will then advise you on, and proceed with, the best approach to relieve your symptoms.

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Based on 4 reviews
Cretu Diana
Cretu Diana
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Thank You, Leeroy, to fix it my shoulder and my hip as well??
Mila Tselibeeva
Mila Tselibeeva
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I would highly recommend Kenneth, made a noticeable difference while previous sessions with other therapist didn't necessarily have the same effect. 5 out of 5...
Sheilagh Benbow
Sheilagh Benbow
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I was referred to Empire Physiotherapy in April 2018 with acute back ache resulting in time off work. Once I visited Ken, I felt good was being done. Ken’s deep sports massage and acupuncture hit the spot, enabling tense muscles to relax and function to return. Coupled with a regimen of exercises, I was quickly back on track and returned to work after 3 weeks. Very knowledgeable and professional and understanding in his field.
Joanne Mellor
Joanne Mellor
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When I came to see Ken I had severe pain in my lower back and hip. He quickly diagnosed Piriformis Syndrome. The treatment he provided included deep tissue massage and assisted stretches. He also gave me stretches and exercises to do at home. I am now able to train again and just maintain with a monthly sports massage! I would definitely recommend Ken!

We treat a wide range of conditions and get long lasting results.

What is a sports massage?

Sports massage uses specialised techniques (often post exercise) to reduce muscle tightness. It helps to improve your circulation and range of movement, as well as treating and preventing muscle and joint pain. 

This type of massage is beneficial for: 

  • Muscle or joint pain 
  • Restricted movement 
  • Muscular Fatigue 
  • Injury treatment and prevention
How does it help?

In Physiotherapy, sports massage is often employed not just as a means of rehabilitation but also of maintenance and general well-being.

Using deep strokes to manipulate the muscles and tissues in our body, sports massage is a hands-on treatment which helps to eliminate waste products and improve the quality of blood supply to our tissues; improving performance and muscle function, and expanding the range of motion round the joints. Sports Massage can help with a variety of pains and ailments, including sporting injury and more common back or neck problems caused by 9-5 desk working in particular.

What further benefits does a sports massage have?

As well as helping you heal physically, it can support you in preparing mentally for the rest of your training plan or next big event:

  • Help you feel calm, relaxed and ready to take on whatever your sport can throw at you
  • Reduce anxiety and tension
  • Increase your energy levels, so you’re ready for your next big event
  • Reduce pain by relaxing your muscles and releasing natural, pain-killing endorphins
  • Relax and stretch your muscles to help you move faster and go further without pain or injury
8 physical benefits of sports massage

1. Stretching, Flexibility and Tissue Elasticity

2. Breaks Down Scar Tissue

3. Opens Micro-Circulation

4. Pumping

5. Shortens Recovery Time

6. Supplies Oxygen and Nutrients

7. Helps Eliminate By-Products of Exercise

8. Increases Tissue Permeability

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7 reasons to choose Empire Physiotherapy


Treatments are tailored to your individual needs.


We use a hands-on approach and encourage patients to take responsibility for their own recovery.


You can choose from a range of treatment options to suit your lifestyle.


We offer the latest treatment techniques and our therapists are highly skilled.


Our team is passionate about helping you achieve your goals and we will always be there for you to answer any questions or talk through concerns you may have.


You will receive comprehensive rehabilitation programs, tailored to meet your individual needs and goals, with an emphasis on injury prevention strategies and home exercise programs.


We offer pre-operative education for those who may be considering surgery

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"Do you hesitate or get overwhelmed at the thought of visiting a physio? Perhaps you've had an injury or problem in the past which you haven't been able to get effective treatment for and feel hopeless.

At Empire Physiotherapy we promise to look after you from the start of the consultation all the way to the very end of your journey with us. We curate recovery plans on an individual basis as we believe that every body is unique.

We pride ourselves on really listening and taking our time to focus on what's best for your body - we don't offer generic feedback or overlook even the smallest of details.

You can rest assured that you're in safe hands."

Ken Denford MCSP

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