What Are Benefits of Sports/Deep Tissue Massage Therapy?

If you’re wondering whether or not you need a sports massage, and you’re based in Slough or Wokingham, then look no further. Empire Physiotherapy is here not only to provide the treatment you need, but also to assess your requirements and ensure a basic level of pain management is available to you – no matter what your budget.
As expert physiotherapists, sports massage is just one of the services available at our clinics, and as one of our most popular treatments at the moment, this blog intends to break down sports massage and explain it to you in normal terms. After all, do you really know what we mean when we start talking about “Longitudinal Gliding” and “Myofascial Releases”?

A simple search for Sports Massage Wokingham will introduce you to Empire Physiotherapy. A team of dedicated physiotherapists, we all have experience of working with athletes – not just this, but many of us are or have been athletes ourselves. So, you can rest assured that we know how you are feeling and are primarily here to help.
Sports Massage is a special type of treatment designed for those who put their bodies under the stress of prolonged and regular exercise, and can apply to runners, tennis players, football players, athletes, the list is endless.
In short, sports massage is the expert manipulation of the soft tissues in your body that focus on the muscles you use as part of your sporting activity. For runners, this typically refers to the calf muscles, and that’s why the lower leg is commonly the area which runners will feel start to seize up after a big race. That’s when they should be seeing a sports massage therapist.
In terms of benefits, the first and most obvious benefit of sports massage is that it relieves any immediate aching in the muscles and promotes an active and comfortable recovery. This in turn leads to a decrease in the number of muscle spasms that the patient may experience, increasing their comfort levels.
Another key benefit is far more long term, and is one of our main focuses when we promote sports massage in Wokingham – preventing future injury. As sports therapists and pain management specialists, much of our work deals with sports injuries and how to promote quick and active recovery. But of course, prevention is better than cure, and so any treatment that promotes prevention is a good step. Treating yourself to the occasional sports massage enables your body to led out some of the tension that becomes built up in the muscles, and increases the range of motion in some of your most active joints – stopping them from becoming tight and prone to injury.
Other benefits can include increased flexibility and, above all, an increased sense of wellbeing – which we can all agree is something the world could do with a little bit more of.
For more information on sports massage therapy in Wokingham, get in touch with us today.